For many years, BERGSON has been one of the leading, high-quality brands of outdoor clothing and equipment. The experience and competences of Slavica made BERGSON entrust us with its brand so that together we could create new development opportunities in completely new product categories. The work of BERGSON and SLAVICA specialists resulted in the BERGSON products that you can see here: cosmetics, products for the protection and care of clothing and footwear. We believe that thanks to them you will be able to enjoy communing with nature longer and more!

WASHING LIQUID for jackets with a membrane and waterproof fabrics

MULTI ACTIVE WASH & CARE 300 ml universal liquid for washing sportswear and outdoor clothes with climate membrane 


Wash & Care is a highly advanced, effective cleaning and washing agent intended for clothing, equipment and accessories made of waterproof materials. Wash & Care is fully ecological, environment friendly, 100% biodegradable preparation. Recommended for washing products with DWR membranes.

High efficiency – 1 Wash & Care container is enough for 7 washes!

The use of the liquid extends the functionality of clothing, equipment, shoes and accessories made of waterproof materials. It guarantees the breathability of the materials. It preserves the waterproof properties resulting from their production process. Easy to use: hand wash or washing machine. Effectively removes dirt from all types of fabrics, including technical fabrics. Removes residues of previously used detergents, responsible for soaking of the material.

Recommended for sportswear, trekking, and performance clothing made of HIGH-TECH materials and for footwear. It works well in cleaning such equipment as tents, backpacks, bags, sails.

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Usage: Before washing, read the recommendations concerning washing and maintenance of the product.

Washing machine: Use 45ml of Wash & Care (half a cap) for one wash cycle. Select the regular washing programme or

the programme recommended by the manufacturer of the washed items. The amount of liquid is suitable for washing 2 items.

Hand washing: Wear gloves when hand washing to protect your hand skin. For every 10 litres of warm water, use 45 ml of Wash & Care. Soak. Wait 10-15 minutes. Rinse washed items thoroughly in cold water.

Drying: Dry hung, preferably in a well-ventilated place.

Store in the original container at a temperature between +5 and + 30° C.

Contains: non-ionic surfactants – less than 5%, polycarboxylates - less than 5%.

Volume: 300ml

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