For many years, BERGSON has been one of the leading, high-quality brands of outdoor clothing and equipment. The experience and competences of Slavica made BERGSON entrust us with its brand so that together we could create new development opportunities in completely new product categories. The work of BERGSON and SLAVICA specialists resulted in the BERGSON products that you can see here: cosmetics, products for the protection and care of clothing and footwear. We believe that thanks to them you will be able to enjoy communing with nature longer and more!

WASHING LIQUID for underwear and lightweight sports clothing

NANO FRESH CARE 300ml - liquid refreshing sports clothes and underwear with nano silver.


An intelligent agent for instant refreshment of thermal clothing, sports underwear, footwear and accessories.

Take control of the freshness of your clothing. Wear it longer and feel confident at all times. Guaranteed effect of freshness and hygiene.

It contains nano silver, which inhibits the growth of bacteria responsible for the formation of bad smell. Your clothes and accessories will stay fresh and thus their life will be extended.

The preparation meets strict safety standards for your textiles and the environment. The nano silver contained in the preparation is entirely obtained from recycling.

The product is 100% biodegradable.

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Machine washing: Shake the packaging, measure out 1 dose (45 ml), pour it into the rinsing container. Cold water rinse.

Hand wash: Shake the packaging, measure out 1 dose (45 ml) for 10 litres of cold water. Wash by soaking. After 5-10 minutes – squeeze. Dry hung.

Keep out of the reach of children.

Volume: 300 ml


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