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The extraordinary aromas of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry in body lotions and shower gels.

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TIME OUT Dry Shampoo will quickly and effectively freshen up your hair without the need to wash.

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Cosmetics for daily use dedicated to skin which is sensitive and prone to irritation.

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Specialized cosmetics and cleaning products for outdoor clothing and equipment

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SLAVICA – the Slavic soul in cosmetics and care

Appreciating the great tradition of healthy and uncontaminated areas, we have created product concepts that have been the source of historical vitality and strength, drawing in most cases from what is close, known and naturally assimilable to us.
The immense value of the tradition from which we are growing up was puzzling us for a long time, until we finally matured to set up the company and give our desires and visions a real shape.

When entering the market and reaching a wide range of customers, we do not limit ourselves to a group of products based on native ingredients. In our offer, you will also find slightly more exotic references, but there will always be more rhubarb, cherry and gooseberry than lychee fruit in the range of our cosmetics, while the perfectly selected proportions will provide users of our products with a unique experience.



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SLAVICA invites to cooperation wholesalers, distribution companies, procurement networks and all entities involved in the distribution of cosmetics and household chemistry.
We are convinced that the commercial conditions we propose will allow for a decent income and joint development.

Business information:  p.piwko@slavica.eu

ul. Paprotna 3
51-117 Wrocław

tel. +48 727 410 027


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ul. Paprotna 3
51-117 Wrocław

tel. +48 605 617 852



tel. +48 727 410 027

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