Slavica Szara offers natural cosmetic for everyday use for sensitive skin prone to irritation. The composition of these products is based on safe care components such as: panthenol, allantoin, lactic acid and delicate fragrance compositions. 
Slavica Szara natural cosmetics perfectly cleanse, refresh and provide a feeling of smoothness and comfort. They are gentle, yet effective.  Their systematic, daily use ensures an uninterrupted feeling of cleanliness, freshness and comfort.

Slavica Natura is the power of nature, which have been used for years in traditional beauty rituals. Inspired by the wisdom of generations, we have developed cosmetics that use well-known and proven recipes that are friendly to you and your environment.
The Slavica Natura range includes shampoos, conditioners, masks and serum that will visibly improve the condition of your hair by using ingredients derived from nature - the well-known native plants and herbs. The Slavica Natura line is 100% vegan and animal friendly.

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