Micellar shampoo - HOPS

Micellar shampoo - HOPS

SLAVICA micellar hair shampoo enriched with hop extract particularly recommended for daily care of matte and thin hair.

The active micelle molecules contained in the shampoo cleanse the hair gently but effectively of all contaminants, such as dirt, dust, sebum, styling and care product residues, without damaging  the hydrolipidic hair and scalp protection barrier. The extracts from herbs and plants added to the shampoo make the hair naturally regain healthy look

 Slavica micellar shampoo strengthens the hair, thickens its structure and gives it the desired volume and shine. Hair is more resilient, shiny and full of life.

Nourishing ingredients:

  • Hoppercone extract strengthens both the bulbs and the whole hair structure, protects hair from getting dull and brittle. Special formula effectively nourishes hair, strengthens it and adds shine.
  • Micelles are small spherical particles that simultaneously trap fat and bond to the water, attracting dirt and closing it in and removing it from the hair during rinsing. Equally importantly ist that they don’t affect the hydrolipidic layer of hair and scalp, i.e. their protective barrier.

Volume: 300ml

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