Oak Bark intimate hygiene gel

Oak Bark intimate hygiene gel

Slavica Szara intimate hygiene gel is perfect for everyday care of intimate areas. After just a few uses, it soothes irritations, quickly provides refreshment and feeling of comfort. It shows antibacterial, fungicidal and anti-inflammatory effects. It provides the right pH for intimate areas and restores the natural bacterial microflora, thanks to the presence of lactic acid. It is designed for systematic and everyday use and care of intimate places, to ensure an uninterrupted feeling of cleanliness, freshness and comfort.

Nourishing ingredients:

  • oak bark extracthas an astringent effect and soothes minor abrasions of the mucosa.
  • panthenol,moisturises and accelerates the healing of the epidermis;
  • formic acid provides protection against excessive dryness and is responsible for maintaining the correct pH of the skin.
  • alantoin soothes epidermal irritations, soothes burning, has an anti-inflammatory and regenerative effect - reduces redness, soothes burning, stimulates cell production 
  • Bisabololhas an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect, facilitates wound healing, stimulates tissue regeneration and epidermis reconstruction.

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Instructions for use:

Use in the shower or during the bath to wash the external mucous membranes. Apply a small amount of gel to the intimate parts of the body, then rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Volume: 500ml with dispenser

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