Get in the mood with the new Shake for body! line. The extraordinary aromas of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry are now enclosed in handy packages of body lotions and shower gels. Invite sweet chocolate, aromatic vanilla and juicy strawberry to take a shower with you and feel the special scent that will stay with you long after your bath. All this thanks to the high content of extremely aromatic extracts of cocoa tree, vanilla and strawberry.
Additionally, we have enriched all our lotions with Shea butter, which moisturises and acts as a natural UV filter, having also nutritional and regenerative effect, and  Vitamin E – also know as the vitamin of youth, which neutralises free radicals and protects to the fibres in the skin against damage, thus preventing it from ageing. It has nourishing, moisturising and oiling effect.
On the other hand, our shower gels, apart from aromatic ingredients, contain formic acid, which restores the skin's proper pH by toning it and taking care of its natural protective barrier. It improves skin hydration and elasticity. Products intended for external use only.

Volume of gels i lotions: 300 ml



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